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Indonesian Bachelor of Economics Association (ISEI) officially confirm new AD ART enhancements

Thursday 19 December 2019, chairman of the ISEI Bp (Ketum). Perry Warjiyo Ph.D and General Secretary (Sekum) Bp. Dr. Solikin M Juhro officially signed the latest revised Articles of Association (AD) and Bylaws (ART), in this endorsement, also chairman of BP organization. Anggito Abimanyu and the secretary of the ISEI Central Board (PP) Ibu Anika Faisal. The AD ART Enhancement Plan began in 2018 in the early years of the ISEI 2018-2021 period leadership which expects ISEI to be the container of the Indonesian economic, management, business and accounting (EMBA) Sarajana to contribute to the National economy, after undergoing a lengthy process coordinated by the PP field of organization, on 30 August at the Hotel Anvaya Bali, ISEI officially held an extraordinary Congress (KLB) with the purpose of changing AD ART, this activity was attended by PP Isei and the Isei Branch chairman and ISEI members from various branches.

This change is based on AD ISEI article 33 which authorizes Congress to make changes to the AD and ART ISEI article 13 to conduct the extraordinary congress and regulate its mechanisms, this enhancement of AD ART covers the following:

A. Completion of the ISEI vision and mission, which is contained in the Articles of association;

B. Strengthening the composition of ISEI management centers and areas covering the elements of academics, business/business actors, Government/Regulators (ABG);

C. Strengthening branch empowerment includes expanding the authority of branches in the management of the resources owned;

D. Strengthening of the Central and branch management organs with the designation of the Regional coordinator and Advisory board and the Board of profession and expertise; Dan

E. Strengthening governance in the central and branch organs, etc.

This enhancement of AD ART is expected to become ISEI as a trusted society organization that is able to contribute to the advancement of national economy and welfare of the people by being supported by strengthening the synergy of academics, policy Both in the central and regional areas, and business actors.

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