Facing the challenges and dynamics of the current economy, the Indonesian Bachelor of Economics Association (ISEI) has a strategic role in contributing to the Government of the elect. It was presented by Perry Warjiyo, the chairman of the Central Board (PP) ISEI period 2018-2021, in the ISEI XX plenary session and the national Seminar which took the theme “Navigating the Digital Era: challenges and strategies to control stability and drive Momentum National economic growth “.

The ISEI XX plenary session and the national Seminar held in Bali on 27-28 August 2019 were opened by Perry Warjiyo as the chairman of the general, and continued with keynote speech by Menko the economy of Darmin Nasution. Furthermore, Perry has said that ISEI’s reasoning will carry several policy strategies, both on demand, supply and structural reform, as well as the development of digital economic potential. Therefore, the ISEI plenary session was adapted to the complexity of the challenges faced by the national economy, both in short-term, medium-length, and forward-facing perspectives relating to Indonesia’s ability In navigating the digital era.

The contribution of ISEI’s thinking is one of the five strategies (milestones) delivered by the Chairman of the PP-ISEI in plenary session XX and national Seminar. “Full Wi-Fi, Perry Warjiyo describes the milestones that ISEI has achieved in the last year of its treatment. Firstly, THE isei organizational and institutional field has completed a more structured, unified, and forward-looking AD/ART amendment, which accommodates the development of strategic environments and challenges, as well as strengthening the ROLE OF Isei in the central and local areas. Secondly, the field of research and formulation of policy compiled White paper as the contribution of Isei thought for the government elected to support the national economic policy strategy ahead. Third, the field of development of the academy, Research and profession has REISSUED Jei (Isei Economic Journal) which will contain research and economic scholarship as a contribution of ISEI members in economic development. In addition, with Menristekdikti, Association of Indonesian Accountants (IAI), and AFEBI, ISEI launches LAMEMBA (Independent accreditation body for economics, management, business, and accounting). Fourth, the field of international cooperation has expanded cooperation with international institutions such AS the IMF, World BANK and OECD: and Fifth, secretarial field develops a more representative, interactive, and proactive Isei website, to contain various isei activities and publications. In addition, the development of ISEI social media will also be conducted for public education to the economic thinking of Indonesia.

The implementation of the ISEI XX plenary session and the national Seminar was attended by approximately 600 people consisting of managers and members of 52 ISEI branches with the composition of ABG (Academician, Business, Government). As an organization that has aged 64 years, ISEI is committed to continuing to contribute to the national economic development, according to the three ISEI manifesto proclaimed by ISEI founders to: 1) take a positive role For the advancement of Community Welfare, 2) Develop economic sciences, and 3) convey economic ideas in line with the philosophy of Pancasila.

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